Thursday, December 25, 2014

Working Meeting in Turkey

 Izmit (Kocaeli)
 Gonca from Turkey. the main coordinator

 Chryssa from Greece
 Loretta from Lithuania
 Anne from Norway
 Perdo from Portugal
 Presentation of our school
 Present for the Turkish school director
 The Turkish School

 Our hand prints on the project board

Elita from Cyprus
 The Turkish project team

 The best logo certificate went to Lithuania
 Turkey revisited, with our friend, Lina from Italy
 Lina's birthday
 Aina from Latvia
 With Lina and Giuseppe from Italy

 The center of Izmit
 Selim Pasha Museum
 The Erasmus Team
 Mayer's Visit
 The Mayer of Izmit
 Dervishes' Museum

 Istanbul - The Blue Mosque
 Istanbul - St. Sofia

Istanbul - Otakoy at night

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