Saturday, July 8, 2017

Drop out exhibition photos

Students chose the following photos to be presented in the dropout exhibition is Cyprus:

Purple Rain, by Gabriela Ilieva

 Join the Smiles. by Gabriela Ilieva

Don't Cry, by Gabriela Ilieva

Mr. Lonely, by Gabriela G Georgieva

November Sun, by Dimiter Atanasov

Thinking Out Loud, by Yana Trayanova

I Don't Care, by Iliana Krasteva

 Like a Bird, by Mehmed Veysal 

Please, Don't Go! by Mehmed Veysal
Second best photo of the project, voted by students in Cyprus 

Freedom, by Gabriela G Georgieva

The different, by Gabriela G Georgieva

All the photos

Presentation link:

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