Sunday, March 13, 2016

How was it in Portugal

Made with Padlet

The Bulgarian delegation at the Portuguese partner school - EPATV (Escola Profissional Amar Terra Verde) in Vila Verde

After a working day 

In Porto on the bank of the Douro river

That's our group 

The Town hall in Vila Verde
Bom Jesus Sanctuary 

Bom Jesus Sanctuary 

Dany and a Greek friend 

The Portuguese School - EPATV

The Farewell dinner 

Meeting a special Portuguese friend - Filomena 

Group work 1 with Simeon

 Group work 2 with Dany

The handicraft  Center in Vila Verde 

The school canteen 

Certificate time 

Selfies, selfies 

 Pedro Lancos, the Portuguese coordinator
The Douro River in Porto - the best day in Portugal 

Porto 1 

Porto 2 

The station in Porto 

Where to? 



We all like Porto station

Working, working

The vocational school in Vila Verde has a BMW 

Magnet Train 

What's next? 

Dreams come through at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean

The usual Atlantic wind 


The best presentations 

The wine cellar 

Meeting the Portuguese European deputy M. Fernandes  

We are the world 




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